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SRN Training programs are designed to increase communication and operational efficiencies in information technology and risk management practices in companies operating in hazardous work or compliance environments. This is accomplished through leadership and security trainings constructed to include fundamentals, real world examples, case studies and vignettes. Trainings are conducted onsite and online by seasoned, dynamic training professionals with courseware that is impactful and relevant.

The SRN curriculum and methodology is based on a blend of best practices from US Naval Information Assurance, Safety and Risk Management institutions and recognized private sector information security authorities and certifications. Namely (ISC)2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium) and SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security).


Security Sales Training
High impact technical sales training covering security information security fundamentals, threat environment, current attack vectors and compliance. Case study based, topical trainings simplify technical aspects of security, increasing awareness and communication capability with non-technical teams. 

MPLS and security sales training designed for a semi-technical audience with the goal of increasing close ratios with competent, technical security support for greater sales force effectiveness in competitive environments. Compliance industries covered include energy, finance, retail, healthcare and non-profit.

Security Certification Training
(ISC)2 and GIAC Certifications: CISSP, GSLC - Industry standard training tracks and certifications for IT security professionals, CSO's and Directors and Managers. Online and regional class schedules, preparation and testing with certification newsletter.


Executive Risk Management Training
SRN's Risk Management Executive Leadership Course is designed for senior executives seeking to comply with federally mandated information security and operational safety regulations. To build team cohesion, increase communication and reduce risk in hazardous work environments.

Risk Management training curriculum includes courses designed to mitigate security breaches and safety incidents for clients operating in hazardous work or compliance environments leveraging proven US Navy Information Assurance and Risk Management.


Telecom Networks Training
High energy, Telecom and Networking 101 and 202 training tracks condensed into a single day. Course is focused on telecom and networking basics preparing trainee for decisive customer engagement in competitive environments. Topics include voice and data circuits, common wide area networks, basic networking, Voice-over-IP, MPLS, Cloud Services sales and security awareness training.

Telecom Technical Sales Training
Impactful IP networking, security and telecom technical course designed to increase the proficiency of existing sales engineering resources with testing in advance and upon completion of sales engineering track. Standards based course for sales engineers designed to improve the SE's ability to understand and explain basic networking, security and telecom technical components to prospect IT staff and non-technical decision makers.

Setting realistic technical expectations with customers and prospects through solid SE support in advance of the sale, improves customer satisfaction, helps to shorten the sales-to-revenue cycle and smoothes order processing and service provisioning.

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